A Powerful Woman

A Powerful Woman


Milly Ongwen is a member and a lead community mobilizer with the Aboke HIV/AIDS Women’s Association in Aboke, northern Uganda.

Milly and her husband Valeriano participated in the CAP Network’s Sustainable Livelihoods program as a partner of CAPAIDS-Uganda. Together with other caregivers in the community, they attended trainings on agriculture and HIV/AIDS life skills.

After completing the training, and using the seeds, tools and oxen provided through the CAP Network, the couple began to farm full time.  Through profits from farming, Milly and her husband have been able to take care of six orphans of which all are currently attending school!

As a child, Milly never had the opportunity to finish primary school.   Despite having received a minimal education she says that past CAP Network projects have raised her up to become someone who is powerful!

Although she is illiterate Milly feels empowered as the projects have given her lots of knowledge on HIV/AIDS and agriculture and her improved income has enabled her to “dress smart”.

Milly and her husband are hoping to start a small business together soon as they are getting older and farming is becoming more and more difficult.  It’s her dream to return to school one day and learn how to read and speak English.

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