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Welcome to the CAP Network

The Canada Africa Partnership Network facilitates partnerships between communities in Canada and Africa to provide capacity building and resources to advance local community development efforts. Through our collaborative approach, we foster shared learning and harness community assets to deepen our collective impact in African communities and strengthen engagement with Canadian advocates and donor communities.

Together, through our alliance, we are advancing education, adapting to a changing climate, investing in livelihoods, and promoting health.

We believe that by building capacity and working together, our impact is greater than if working alone.

We believe in the agency of African communities and through a network model, we are most cost effective and better able to invest in their efforts.

We believe that community-to-community partnerships build trust, understanding and the sense of mutuality needed to build a more equitable, just and sustainable future!

Our Work In African Communities

CAP Network Affiliated Projects are supported by our Affiliate Communities in Canada.
These dedicated volunteers work to raise awareness and funds for community-driven partner projects in Africa. This unique partnership model is based on relationships of trust and mutuality where each of us plays an important role in advancing common goals.

Through our collaborative Network,
we share learning and harness our collective community assets.

We are working with partners to ensure families can afford school fees and are supplementing school fees where needed. We are supporting communities to adapt to impacts of climate change, invest in sustainable livelihoods and promote health.

We take an inclusive and responsive approach to local challenges, championing gender equality and ensuring the needs and interests of the most vulnerable are met.


The Canada Africa Partnership (CAP) Network is a shared platform facilitating partnerships between Canadian and African communities.


CAP Network c/o 330 Avro Ave. Pointe-Claire, QC, H9R 5W5