A Powerful Woman

Milly Ongwen is a member and a lead community mobilizer with the Aboke HIV/AIDS Women’s Association in Aboke, northern Uganda. Milly and her husband Valeriano participated in the CAP Network’s Sustainable Livelihoods program as a partner of CAPAIDS-Uganda. Together with other caregivers in the community, they attended trainings on agriculture and HIV/AIDS life skills. After […]

AHWA – The story of community organizers

The Aboke HIV/AIDS Women’s Association (AHWA) was founded by women in the community who were living with HIV and/or caring for the orphaned children of family and neighbours. The founding members worked around Aboke High School in the Aboke Sub-county of Kole District in Northern Uganda. They were concerned with the immense burden of HIV/AIDS […]

Rebecca Aumn

Rebecca Aumn is a vocational beneficiary of the Sustainable Livelihoods for AIDS Orphans and Caregivers Project. She doesn’t know how old she is but she guesses, 16. Her mother and father died when she was very young, and she doesn’t remember them. Rebecca and her two younger siblings were left in the care of their […]

Anna Beatrice Achieng

Eliminating the transmission of HIV from pregnant mothers to children is no small task but that is Beatrice’s ambition for Aboke. As the midwife in charge of the maternity ward at the Aboke Health Centre, Anna has the potential to make a dramatic impact on HIV prevention. When asked how HIV/AIDS has affected Aboke, Beatrice […]

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