Helping Them Today line Advancing Education Help Them Today line Poverty remains the biggest obstacle to children’s schooling.

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By working together as Network, sharing knowledge and resources, we are increasing collective impact, advancing community-led development, and building solidarity for a more equitable, healthy and sustainable future.

Working along side our Project Partners, we focus our capacity building efforts and provide resources through four priority areas which, together, contribute to achievement of gender equality, poverty reduction and sustainable communities.

We are working with partners to ensure families can afford school fees and are supplementing school fees where needed.

We are also actively supporting community-led efforts to address gender equality in education and advocating for schools and learning environments conducive to learning success in local contexts.

Creating lasting change through advancing education.

You can help advance education in African communities with a donation today.

The Canada Africa Partnership (CAP) Network is a shared platform facilitating partnerships between Canadian and African communities.


Canada Africa Partnership (CAP) Network c/o 3 Durham, St Port Hope, ON L1A 1G6

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