Our Team

Our Team

Matthew is the Senior Advisor to the Network through his consulting company Maclaren Strategy Group. Matthew comes to us with a strong background in directing multiple Government and Non-Government agencies. Matthew is the former District Administrator for the State of Ohio and has held State, County, and Municipal elected positions. Working in both the private and public sectors, Matthew has a strong focus on environmental policy-making and community development projects.

While completing the Special Event Management course at George Brown College, Jennifer’s passion for organizing social events developed into a desire to plan fundraisers with a deeper purpose. Jennifer’s aim is to help educate folks on various social issues, and inspire positive change in communities. Whether it’s planning actions for racial justice locally or supporting initiatives globally, she strives to keep herself informed so that her passion for change can inspire others to move to action. As Director of Operations, Jennifer has implemented a volunteer and mentorship program that offers on the job training and professional experience to folks in both Africa and Canada. Managing day-to-day operations, Jennifer is excited to be a part of a great team, leading community engagement goals in support of CAP Network’s partner projects in Africa. 

Ivana is from Argentina. Regarding her experience, she has worked in different roles in the private sector such as administrator and buyer. In these roles she learned about procedures, organization and project management.
During the Covid lockdown, Ivana joined her first volunteer role as a partnerships and fundraising coordinator. She discovered in this role that the social impact and helping others with her knowledge was a passion.
Ivana has a degree in International Relations, and wrote her undergraduate thesis about  Aids in Africa and its relation with poverty. 

Bismark Eshun has worked as the Head of IT and Digital Marketing Department. He has expertise in Web Development, Cyber Security and is a strong advocate of protecting oneself on the internet. Bismark has over 5 years of industry experience. He provides IT support to the agency and is a member of CAP Network, as well as PACC Policy
Bismark’s passion is to create a safer and better planet for the upcoming generation. He has participated in both local and international seminars.

Meet Monarch Thakkar, an ambitious and driven event planner currently studying at George Brown College. After working as a Food Engineer in India, Monarch knew that event planning was his true passion and made the bold move to Canada to pursue his dreams. He is constantly seeking new challenges and opportunities to grow, and is excited to see where his studies and career will take him.
Thrilled to be a part of CAP’s team, Monarch has the opportunity to gain valuable industry experience while giving back to the community through the organization’s partner projects in Africa. He strongly believes that events can be used as a tool for positive change, to educate and inspire people. With his drive and determination, Monarch is set to make a meaningful impact in the event industry and leave his mark on the world.

Hey everyone! I am from India but I was born in Saudi Arabia and lived all my life there. I have been a Kindergarten teacher for 7 years (not that old, just started working early) 😛. Currently, I am studying Event management from George Brown College.
I prioritize my happiness (that I find by making others happy) and make time for everything, even in the most stressful situations. I love being very organised and want to be an amazing wedding/party planner soon.


The Canada Africa Partnership (CAP) Network is a shared platform facilitating partnerships between Canadian and African communities.


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