Welcome Neloshan International: New Affiliate Member!

Welcome Neloshan International: New Affiliate Member!

We are pleased to welcome our newest affiliate community of the CAP Network – Neloshan International!

Neloshan supports Neloshan International-Kenya, a non-profit organization dedicated to creating opportunities for single mothers to end the generational cycle of poverty by equipping them with knowledge, tools and resources that enable them to be empowered economically and spiritually.

Neloshan was founded in 2014 by Immaculate Njeru, who has been a single mother for over 30 years. Through her own experiences and observing the challenges that single mothers increasingly face as they raise children single-handedly – particularly in her homeland Kenya, she has seen the need to empower them with skills, that impart hope for a brighter future.

Neloshan provides support to single mothers in need by enabling them to become independent and valued members of their respective communities through building their personal capacity and confidence, providing spiritual encouragement, and developing their business skills. Activities include:

• Dairy Goat Farming: For milk production which will cater for both domestic consumption and commercial for income generation.
• Improved Indigenous Chicken Raising: For eggs and meat production, leading to improved family nutrition in addition to increased household income levels.
• Improved Potato Seed Farming: Resulting to increased harvest and consequently improved household incomes.
• Table Banking/VS&L (Voluntary Savings and Loaning): where the single mothers will be able to borrow against their savings enabling them to carry out their farming activities; and then repay the principal with interest.
• Training on Smart Farming: As part of the economic empowerment and in partnership with other stakeholders, Neloshan will equally promote training on smart farming to improve on sustainable agricultural techniques for high quality improved products and market linkage for maximized profits from sale.

Neloshan lovingly and joyfully supports the livelihoods of 98 Single Mothers in Shamata, Nyandarua County, Kenya. As the number increases, Neloshan invites people of goodwill in Canada and around the world to support fundraising efforts by making a donation today!

To learn more, please visit Neloshan International’s website, and make a tax deductible donation today!

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