AFFILIATE COMMUNITIES Partnerships for sustainaining impact.

Network Affiliation

Our Affiliate Communities are groups and organizations that have committed to working with an African partner project to create impact on a sustainable basis.

Through the Network, Affiliates receive capacity building support and access to the tools, experience and expertise needed to grow their fundraising revenue and provide meaningful opportunities for their communities to connect with partner communities in Africa. Our Network Model facilitates three-way partnerships between the Canadian community, operating under the CAP Network umbrella, the African partner project and the Network. The CAP Network acts as a bridge between Canada and Africa, providing support to efforts on both sides to maximize impact towards our shared goals. Affiliate Communities lead their efforts to engage Canadian audiences and to advance fundraising goals. These groups are supported by CAP Network staff to develop and execute strategies and to effectively monitor the impact of funds invested in African communities.
Affiliates may propose a partner/project with whom they are already connected or may choose to direct their efforts to African partner already affiliated with the CAP Network.

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    The Canada Africa Partnership (CAP) Network is a shared platform facilitating partnerships between Canadian and African communities.


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