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African Project Communities

Our African Partners are on the front lines of responsive development in their communities. They meet people where they are at and have developed strong networks of relationships built on trust and working together. They are working locally to relieve

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Canadian Solidarity Communities

Our Canadian Solidarity Communities are volunteer-driven groups who are working in partnership to advance the efforts of our African Project Communities, uphold our standards for development, and are looking to collaborate, share resources and maximize our collective impact. Canadian solidarity

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Get Involved

There are many ways to get involved – whether you’d like contribute to the cause as a donor or volunteer, deepen your understanding of community development in Africa or make a connection with one of our grassroots partners through one

We facilitate partnerships between concerned Canadians and African communities, providing capacity building and resources to support locally developed, community-driven projects.

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Advancing Education

Education builds futures.Through supporting school fees we are enabling orphans and vulnerable children to access primary and secondary school education. We are also increasing access to skills and vocational training which facilitate livelihoods for out of school youth and orphan

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Investing in Livelihoods

Investing in livelihoods means investing in building people’s skills, assets and abilities for long-term growth and resilience. Livelihoods translate into better health, access to education and overall well-being. Through the CAP Network more than 1,200 families, orphan headed households and

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Promoting Health

  By training 250+ health workers we have expanded access to HIV testing and prevention of mother-to-child transmission services. We have also mobilized volunteer peer educators who have provided basic health information, including on HIV prevention and maternal health to