Water for Peace

Water for Peace

[Excerpt from www.waterforpeace.ca]

Responding to the Water Crisis Near and Far

“Every minute, over 20 people are forced to flee their homes in search of water, food, and safety. Water scarcity is responsible for the displacement of millions of people through water conflicts and environmental conditions including drought. While many remain internally displaced, a few have gone on to become formidable Canadian leaders today. On June 2nd, 2018, Water for Peace brings together exceptional Canadian refugees and leaders with those who share the urge to address the water crisis.

This exclusive event at Toronto’s premier venue, the Spoke Club, includes an intimate headlining performance by Emmanuel Jal, South Sudanese-Canadian recording artist, actor, peace activist, and former child soldier. Hear the moving words of James Thuch Madhier, South Sudanese-Canadian and founder and executive director of the Rainmaker Enterprise. Join Michel Chikwanine, Congolese-Canadian former child soldier and activist, and other distinguished guests. Savour complimentary drinks and delectable foods, unique art and auction items, and Daily Planet’s Ziya Tong as your host.

At current rates, two-thirds of the world’s population will face water shortages by 2025. Water scarcity divides us and affects us all. But water is a tool for peace. It will take every one of us to address the water crisis. This group, who intimately understands the importance of water, is hosting this event because we understand that the water crisis is a crisis of collaboration. Water for Peace is a launching pad for such collaboration.

All funds raised are in support of the Rainmaker Enterprise’s scalable and sustainable water projects that address extreme drought and water scarcity across Africa. The Rainmaker Enterprise seeks to make migration a choice and not a last resort for the millions presently forced to flee from hunger and resource-driven conflict. Water for Peace was made possible through a partnership between the Rainmaker Enterprise and the Canada-Africa Partnership Network.”



Featuring: Rainmaker Enterprise founder James Madhier, activist and recording artist Emmanuel Jal, MC Ziya Tong Host of The Daily Planet

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