Renewing Canada’s Commitment to the Global Fund

Renewing Canada’s Commitment to the Global Fund

CAP Network is pleased to join with civil society across the country calling for Canada to renew our commitment to the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, TB and Malaria.

We are one of twenty-seven Canadian civil society groups to call  for an early leadership pledge committing an increase of CDN $65 million per year to the 6th replenishment of the Global Fund.

Canada is the 7th largest donor to the fund, having already contributed USD $2.3 billion. This is a legacy to be proud of!

The Global Fund envisions a world free from the burden of AIDS, TB and malaria. Their strategy is to invest to end the epidemics.

The work of the Global Fund matters!

Firstly, The Global Fund has saved 27 million lives globally. This has been achieved through advocacy and investments. It has been enabled through partnerships with policymakers, activists, health workers, drug makers and front-line volunteers.

Secondly, the Global Fund’s work is crucial to the efforts of our partners in Africa. They are working to promote health and invest in the sustainability of their communities. Meanwhile, HIV and malaria continue to impede the ability of families to invest in children’s education, achieve food security and plan for the future.

Therefore CAP Network fully supports Canada’s financial contribution. Our continued commitment is needed to eliminate these epidemics.

The letter was drafted by the Interagency Coalition on AIDS and Development and signed by twenty-seven civil society organisations. (Read full text)

Want to Take Action?

Download a copy of the letter and forward to our Prime Minister and your local MP (click here to find the appropriate contacts)!

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