Jesca Wambura – Tanzania

Jesca Wambura – Tanzania

Jesca Wambura uses her bike to support her kids as well as other HIV-positive women in her community!


In 2010, Jesca Wambura was living with HIV and working nearby the office of TRMEGA – CAP/AIDS’s local partner outside of Arusha, Tanzania. She would often see people coming and going from the small office and would even overhear them talking about HIV/AIDS. One day in 2011, she finally decided to attend one of their support group meetings and was happy to find many people who were HIV-positive like her coming together to help each other out. As a member of the group she received some loans to help her start a vegetable garden on her small plot of land which helps to supplement the small income she earns. She uses the extra income to pay for school fees for her three children – aged 11, 10 and four.

In 2013 Jesca received one of 10 bikes which were distributed to TRMEGA members. She uses the bike to help her in her daily work such as fetching water, to travel to and from her work and to transport vegetables to the market.

After receiving so much benefit, Jesca was also determined to make a difference in the lives of other women like her. She now uses her bike to meet with other small women’s groups in the area to share what she has learned through TRMEGA about living positively with HIV and to help them to start their own savings and loans groups. She is grateful for the bike and hopes that the other women’s groups will benefit from bikes too!


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