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Neloshan International with its local implementing partners in Kenya (Neloshan International-Kenya) works towards alleviation of poverty and ensuring food security for the very many single mothers struggling to raise their children emotionally, spiritually and even physically, and yet the world around them is not aware of the struggles they are going through even to put bread on the table. Neloshan International, through its local partners, is empowering single mothers in Nyandarua County in Kenya by providing them with start up seed capital in the form of chickens, goats, sheep, potatoes and other vegetable seeds to enable them to generate income both for economic empowerment and for sustainability. Neloshan International-Kenya is registered as a local NGO with the Government of Kenya.

Neloshan’s vision is to support single mothers in the areas of alleviation of poverty, advancement of education, and spiritual encouragement with the intention of raising hope in the hearts of hurting and discouraged single mothers.

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The projects supporting single mothers in the Shamata area are designed and implemented by Neloshan International – a non-profit run by Immaculate Njeru, a single mother who hails from this region of Kenya. Our fundraising efforts, through the Neloshan Affiliate Community, are contributing to the costs of the projects as part of our Network’s commitment to advancing livelihoods, health, child education and adapting to a changing environment.

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