Canadian Affiliate Communities

Our Affiliate Communities are volunteer groups and organizations who have committed to working with African partners to create impact on a sustainable basis.

Through the Network, Affiliates receive capacity building support and access to the tools, experience and expertise needed to grow their fundraising revenue and provide meaningful opportunities for their communities to connect with partner communities in Africa. Affiliate councils lead their efforts to engage Canadian audiences and to advance fundraising goals. These councils are supported by CAP Network staff to develop and execute strategies and to effectively monitor the impact of funds invested in African communities. Are you interested in forming or joining an Affiliate Community? Download our information package to learn more about our Network model and how we collaborate to increase our collective impact.

Partners and Collaborators

Neloshan International

Country of Operation: Kenya Sectors: Women's Empowerment, Agriculture

ChildFund Kenya

Country of Operation: Kenya Sectors: Child Development, Health, Food Security

Rainmaker Enterprise

Country of Operation: South Sudan Sectors: Water and Sanitation, Agriculture and Food Security

Pan African Centre for Climate (PACC) Policy

Countries of Operation: Ghana, Cameroon, Nigeria Sectors: Education and Advocacy

Social Action

Country of Operation: Nigeria Sectors: Climate Justice and Resource Democracy

Winpartners Gabon

Countries of Operation: Gabon, Congo Brazzaville Sectors: Agriculture, Renewable Energy

Zanzibar-Canadian Diaspora Association (Zacadia)

Country of Operation: Tanzania (Zanzibar) Sectors: Social Welfare, Agriculture and Aquaculture

Afrah Orphanage

Country of Operation: Somalia Sectors: Education, Livelihood Support

ONG Malachie

Country of Operation: Gabon Sectors: Poverty Alleviation, Gender Equality, Sustainable Development

CNOP Congo

Countries of Operation: Congo Brazzaville Sectors: Agriculture

Water Food Energy for All (WFE4A)

Countries of Operation: Multiple Sectors: Water, Agriculture, Energy

Enabling Partnerships for Sustainable Change.

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The Canada Africa Partnership (CAP) Network is a shared platform facilitating partnerships between Canadian and African communities.


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