A Home for Hope

A Home for Hope

Picture a place close to home.

Where all members of the community are welcome.

Where neighbours come together to provide support to one another and tackle challenges.

The Harvey Friesen Memorial Centre – affectionately known by the community as the ‘Home of Hope’ – is CAPAIDS Uganda’s operational headquarters. Located in Boro Boro, northern Uganda, the Home of Hope enables direct contact with our partner communities and provide a safe space for HIV/AIDS support groups, for community trainings and meetings.


This community facility was made possible thanks to the generosity of the Friesen family in B.C. who raised the funds in memory of husband, father and grandfather Harvey Friesen – he loved life, helping others and was an outspoken advocate for social justice. Having visited East Africa twice, he was deeply moved by the warmth, resilience and strength of the people. The Home of Hope is very much symbolic of what he believed and supported throughout his life.


When the Home of Hope was built, the children in the Friesen clan worked together to raise funds for a playground on the grounds, a wonderful addition allowing children to play while their parents participated in trainings and support group meetings.image

Recently, CAPAIDS Uganda invested in a small piggery operation which not only helps to funds the operations of the Home of Hope, but serves also as a training facility for local youth looking to develop similar piggeries as income generating small enterprises.


This is the first of many such projects that are planned. Our vision is to develop the Home of Hope into a training centre for agricultural enterprises as a continuation of our work helping orphan-headed families to develop sustainable livelihoods.

Together, we can help a generation of orphans in surrounding communities to escape the cycle of HIV/AIDS and poverty and look towards a brighter future!

You can be part of making this vision a reality – donate here to support the Home of Hope!

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