Pan African Centre for Climate (PACC) Policy

The Pan African Centre for Climate (PACC) Policy was formed based on the policy direction of COP21. PACC Policy believes that the Paris agreement will be met only when strong networks and organizations come together. PACC Policy works to leverage expertise in climate issues and passion to drive the implementation of the Paris agreement through research and development, partnership, advocacy building and orientation, good governance, and social accountability.

PACC Policy is working with community-based organizations, government and non-governmental organizations, private practitioners, environmental rights groups and individual planners to prioritize and plan for adaptive measures and interventions within an international framework.

This multi-sectoral approach lies on the premise that climate change affects all sectors (health, tourism and development, gender and culture, housing, agro ecological, town and country planning).

Given that nearly two thirds of those earning less than $1.25 a day in developing nations across Africa make a living from agriculture – an industry directly affected by climate change – rural communities are one of the key foci for social intervention initiatives.

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