AHWA – The story of community organizers

The Aboke HIV/AIDS Women’s Association (AHWA) was founded by women in the community who were living with HIV and/or caring for the orphaned children of family and neighbours. The founding members worked around Aboke High School in the Aboke Sub-county of Kole District in Northern Uganda. They were concerned with the immense burden of HIV/AIDS […]

Grace Adong

“Now I am very confident, and not fearful about any stigmatization from the community.” Grace tested positive. That seems like a long time ago now.  Testing alone carried stigma and testing positive seemed to prove everyone else’s assumption about her health status. She had put off testing until she was ill.  Even before she knew […]

Orphan headed households at the Home of Hope

It’s difficult to imagine what it is like to be an AIDS orphan and caregiver to your younger brothers and sisters at the age of 17 – but that is the situation for many young people throughout Uganda. They have no choice but to grow up fast.If you can imagine yourself as a teenage caregiver […]

Aboke Drama Youth Group, Uganda

The youth in Aboke had an idea about how to help their community stop the spread of HIV/AIDS, but they could not find the support to turn their vision into a reality. Twenty-two youth established themselves as the Aboke Drama Youth Group (ADYG). They wanted to use drama ‘to ensure that HIV awareness is created […]

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