Uganda: Awaken Your Senses

Aleksandra Lukasiwicz is an intern working with CAP Network partner CAPAIDS-Uganda as part of the International Youth Internship program funded by Global Affairs Canada. I boarded my flight to Uganda three weeks ago and promised myself that I wouldn’t have any expectations for the journey I was setting out on for the next six months. […]

Business Training and a Passion for Basket Making

Florence Anyeko is a widow and the mother of four beautiful children.  She was referred to the Needy Support Centre by the group’s mobilizer Oroma Joyce. Both HIV positive and suffering from cancer, Florence received a bicycle from CAP-AIDS Uganda during their bicycle distribution project and was a participant in the Youth Entrepreneurial Stream of […]

2015, A focus on orphans

My friend Grace (not pictured here) takes care of 16 children, all orphans, all her brothers’ and sisters’ children, as well as her own children. She has been on her own now for over a decade since loosing her husband. Grace is HIV + and thankfully ARVs came around when they did for her. We’ve […]

Lillian Ayot

Lillian is connected to The Needy Support, a community partner who works with the must vulnerable members of their community and helps them to overcome pretty large obstacles. The community group is based outside of Kampala, Uganda and are part of a community that has carried a high burden of poverty and HIV/AIDS. Lillian’s story […]

Florence Anyieko

Florence is HIV + and was evicted from her land while raising a 16, 14 and 9 year old. It’s been tough going. Living in Nakawa district in Uganda is not easy. It’s a poor area with a lot of people living there originally from the North who were, like Florence, displaced by the civil […]

Needy Support Centre

A group of passionate women and men started meeting under a tree to discuss the plight of the most needy members of their community. They were concerned with extreme poverty and HIV/AIDS. They became the Needy Support Centre and have since expanded to over 300 members, still motivated by the same concern for the most […]

AJok Gloria

Gloria, age 16, is the first born of a family of four children. She is from Northern Uganda. Life changed nearly overnight for Gloria when her father died of AIDS. Gloria’s mother later tested positive for HIV and died the following year, leaving Gloria and her siblings orphaned, alone and without anyone to take care […]

Geoffrey Solomon

Geoffrey Solomon’s life has turned around from a situation of overwhelming devastation to one of success and inspiration. Geoffrey had a humble beginning, raised in the Northern district of Uganda where HIV/AIDS was rampant. His family ended up in Kampala, but their land was completely raised by the government, forcibly evicting him and many others. […]

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