The CAP Network welcomes members who support our efforts either directly or through one of our Affiliate Communities. Supporters meeting the membership criteria outlined in our Membership Policy are welcome to apply using the form below.

Terms of Membership

Terms of Membership The membership term runs from September 1 through August 31 in each year.

Members in good standing as of August 31 are invited to attend the Annual General Meeting at the end of September where they can participate in the governance of our Network and vote for Board of Directors nominees. Read the full Membership Policy here >>

Membership Form

Per the terms of our Membership Policy, individuals shall qualify for membership if they have made a financial contribution to the Network of $100 or more in the previous 12 months (this includes donations made through Network Affiliate Communities). Individuals who are unable to make the financial contribution can request to make a contribution through volunteer hours in lieu of a donation (recommended at least 5 hours, to be confirmed with Executive Director). This request must be made in advance of August 31 in the year in question.

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