Investing in Livelihoods: Zuhura’s Story

Longtime CAP Network African Project Community Kjiji Cha Upendo (Village of Love) is a grassroots organization that operates in the slum community of Kibera, Kenya. The group works to enhance the efforts of orphan caregivers to provide material support for their children and keep them in school. One initiative the organization supports is to provide loans to recognized caregivers without interest, or set repayment terms. With additional business management support provided, they provide a significantly more stable credit option to community members.

Zuhura Odhiambo is one such caregiver who is happy to say the microcredit loans have been helpful in giving her the ability to pay for school fees for the children she supports, as well as expand her catering business.

As Zuhura has three children of her own, aged 10, 19, 20. Her eldest daughter, who was 22, recently passed away from malaria and left her two children in Zuhura’s care. Zuhura has managed to care for her three younger children and two grandchildren with her catering business, which Kijiji Cha Upendo has helped support through microfinancing and business counselling.

Since we last checked in with Zuhura, her business has only grown. The assistance Zuhura has received has allowed her to buy needed supplies, advertise, and register her business. KCU has used their network of support to expand Zuhura’s client base all over Nairobi, and as a result she has seen a 40% increase in her monthly income!

Most importantly, Zuhara has used her success to ensure all of the children in her care are looked after and are receiving a good education. Investing in families sees results that improve the lives of generations!

You can support the ongoing work of Kijiji Cha Upendo, supporting caregivers like Zuhura to earn an income and support the children of Kibera!

Click here to learn more about how we are investing in sustainable livelihoods!

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