At Home at the Home of Hope Shelter

At Home at the Home of Hope Shelter

CAP/AIDS is thrilled to announce that 12 women (and two babies) are now living at the Home of Hope shelter in Uganda!

With the donations contributed through the CAP/AIDS community in Ottawa and across Canada, CAPAIDS-Uganda has renovated the building, fully furnished the accommodations, stocked the kitchen and hired a resident manager to oversee the day-to-day operations of the Shelter. Last May, just a little over a year after conceiving of the project, CAP/AIDS opened the doors and welcomed the first cohort of 12 young women (and two babies).

The arrival of residents at Home of Hope has reinvigorated the whole community with increased activity attracting support from around Boroboro and beyond. The Shelter has attracted critical support from key stakeholders in the community, including the Boroboro Health Centre and the Local Council. Soon, we expect more partners to come on board, including community based organizations as well as the Lira District Council. These partnerships will be extremely beneficial to the long term success of Home of Hope.

Together with these community partners, CAP/AIDS is supporting the residents in learning about small-scale food production, financial management, nutrition, and health – the core knowledge and skills they will need to transition to independent living. The residents are also receiving training from other women in the community in handicrafts and vocational skills so that they can explore possible livelihoods and start building the networks of support they will ultimately need to start small enterprises or seek employment and begin earning a living. Most important, they have a safe, supportive place to call home – a huge change from just a few months ago, when many were homeless or living in unstable, risky and dangerous circumstances.

As we continue to develop the Home of Hope Transitional Shelter, your continued solidarity and support is critical. That is why the CAP/AIDS Community in Ottawa is organizing two events in the coming months. On August 22, they’re hosting “Hops for Hope”, a night of craft beer, food pairings, trivia and more hosted at Bicycle Craft Brewery. Check out for details. And, in mid-October, they will hold the third annual Brighter Futures Bike Rally. Stay tuned for details!

If you have any questions about the Home of Hope and plans for its future, please do not hesitate to reach out CAP Network Executive Director – Claire Holloway Wadhwani at

22-year-old Scovia (front) came to Home of Hope in May with her four-month-old daughter Rachel. Scovia learned about the Transitional Shelter through the field visits that CAP-AIDS Uganda conducted, spreading the word alongside the Local Council. She has really enjoyed her time at the shelter thus far, with many of the girls coming together to support her with caring for Rachel. Scovia is still trying to get a feel for what she can see herself doing for income after leaving the shelter after she completes all the trainings. Meanwhile, Gloria (behind) is 17 years old and came to Home of Hope with her 3-month-old son Ezra. As young single mothers, she and Scovia have formed a strong friendship. Before coming to the shelter, Gloria was living with her grandparents and was struggling to care for them and her son with no viable source of income. That’s when she learned from the Local Council about the Home of Hope. Gloria really enjoys the training in beadwork and baking, and would like to start a business selling either jewelry, baked goods, or both.


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