Opportunities to Engage

There are many ways to get involved – whether you’d like contribute to the cause as a donor or volunteer, deepen your understanding of community development in Africa or make a connection with one of our grassroots partners through one of our Affiliate Communities.

The Network also organizes two signature events each year where supporters can participate and raise funds for the project or Affiliate Community efforts of their choosing.

Upcoming Training Sessions


Communicating Your Impact to Stakeholders for Non-Profits
Date: Saturday, November 28, 2020
Time: 9:00-10:30AM EDT

This session will address reporting and communicating impact to various stakeholders, including beneficiaries, and data visualization.

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Annual Shared Harvest

Each harvest season, we give thanks by sharing what we have! Shared Harvest provides a platform for supporters to donate, attend an event or host their own event in support of community-led development projects in African communities. Join with hosts and dinner guests at tables across the country and together create a big impact for our African community partners!

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Annual CAP Ride Bikeathon

The Canada Africa Partnership Ride is an annual fundraising bike-a-thon the CAP Network has hosted since 2005. The events have, over the years, taken place each June in Ottawa, Toronto and Vancouver in support of community projects in Africa. Together these bike-a-thons have generated nearly $500,000 and have engaged more than 1,300 participants across the country. In light of social distancing, the 2020 CAP Ride took place from June 5-7th as a virtual ride (ride from where you are while joining an exciting virtual experience). The ride raised over $90,000 in support of our African partner communities during this critical time of COVID-19 response.

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Global Dialogues

We convene Canadian and African voices, communities and key stakeholders for dialogue on issues of shared importance. Our most recent dialogue addressed the common challenges in the food-farming-climate nexus across both continents and introduced regenerative agriculture and agroecology as a climate and food security solution. "Our Common Ground: Canadian and African Voices for Regenerative Agriculture as a Climate Solution" was co-hosted by CAP Network, Soil4Climate and ClimateFast on September 22nd.

See "Our Common Ground" Recap

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