Wow! Thank you for joining the Africa Climate Action Initiative launch on May 7th! 

Over 100 viewers tuned in from Canada, Africa and around the world & over 400 views on YouTube! The webcast of the ACAI launch was truly a Canada Africa Partnership (and so much more). Click below to watch the recording. 

We heard from no less than 10 excellent and thoughtful speakers. We were graced with stories of the connectedness of humanity and an energetic performance with a message of peace by the one and only Emmanuel Jal. Our host Allie kept us moving with grace. 

Thanks to generous donors who pledged $500 in matching funds, we raised over $1,000 during the event for grassroots climate action in Africa! 

Thanks to our speakers, contributors, volunteers, donors, viewers, partners, and all community members who made this event such a great success. The Africa Climate Action Initiative is born!! 

Together, we stand for climate action and resilience. Together, we imagine a healthy and regenerative Africa and future! Join us online:

Facebook: Africa Climate Action Initiative / Canada Africa Partnership Network Twitter: @africaclimateai / @capnetworkca
Instagram: @africaclimateactioninitiative / @capnetworkca
LinkedIn: Africa Climate Action Initiative 


Emmanuel Jal

Recording Artist, Activist & Entrepreneur


Your Host: Allie Rougeot

Coordinator, Fridays for Future Toronto


Lyn Adamson

Co-Chair, ClimateFast


Claire Holloway Wadhwani

Executive Director, Canada Africa Partnership Network


Sarah Kamau

Lead Coordinator, Africa Climate Action Initiative


Dr. Isaac 'Asume' Osuoka

Director, Social Action International


Vanessa Lanteigne

National Coordinator, Canadian Voice of Women for Peace


Oyeyinka Oyelowo

Human Rights Laywer; Board, Canadian Voice of Women for Peace


Surveyor Efik

Former Coordinator, Climate Change Network Nigeria


Katie Fettes

Director of Communications, The Rainmaker Enterprise


Kwame Anane Frempong

Founder & lead, Pan African Centre for Climate (PACC) Policy


Paul Stevers

Founder & President, Think Renewables Group Inc.

The Africa Climate Action Initiative

The ACAI seeks to promote and accelerate climate change adaptation and mitigation activities that support human security and wellbeing in Africa. Our aims are to: 

(1) Promote African projects that support African communities to mitigate and adapt to the impacts of climate change.
(2) Leverage funding to support the implementation and scale-up of climate-smart projects in Africa.
(3) Support African partners with developing and monitoring climate-smart projects.
(4) Connect African partners to implementing partners and to other organizations working on similar projects in order to foster knowledge-sharing and capacity-building on climate-related issues.
(5) Raise awareness through outreach, events and strategic initiatives, and mobilize Canadians to support climate action in Africa.

Together, we stand for climate action and resilience. Together, we imagine a healthy and regenerative Africa and future!

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Projects under the Africa Climate Action Initiative are made possible through the fundraising efforts of the ACAI Affiliate Community who raise funds to support community projects and climate action and coordinate efforts to build capacity and share knowledge within the African development community. The ACAI community also facilitates connections between companies and organisations developing innovative technologies to support community adaptation.

Visit our Affiliate Communities page to learn more about how it works and connect directly with the team leading the Africa Climate Action Initiative.

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