Northern Uganda was hit heavily by civil war, and is still reeling from high rates of poverty and higher rates of HIV/AIDS. Youth unemployment is extremely high and it is youth infection rates that are currently on the rise.  It is where CAP/AIDS Uganda works with communities predominantly to resist, survive and overcome HIV/AIDS.

CAPAIDS-Uganda’s primary focus is the community centre, Home of Hope, in the North where they support HIV outreach and provide a safe space for multiple community outreach groups to come together. Currently they are building a livelihood training facility, complete with piggery, and agricultural programs on drought resistant crops. Seasonal drought and hunger are part of the cycle of poverty that faces Northern communities.

CAPAIDS-Uganda liaises with community partners across the country  – including Needy Support Centre in Kampala, a community group made up largely of those fleeing violence and poverty in the North and who work collectively on poverty alleviation and living better with HIV/AIDS. Urban community based organizations face different challenges from their rural companions, one being frequent displacements and mobility of their members.

Our Partnership
CAPAIDS-Uganda was formed in 2006. CAP/AIDS is the Canadian Community of Support and collectively with CAP/AIDS Uganda they have supported multiple community led programs throughout East Africa focused on relieving poverty, preventing HIV, and expanding access to education. CAPAIDS-Uganda is a registered national NGO and the East African regional implementing partner. Over the years CAPAIDS-Uganda has taken a lead role in overseeing and implementing projects in direct partnership with Ugandan communities.

Current Project

CAP/AIDS is working with CAPAIDS-Uganda to operate the Home of Hope in Boro Boro, Northern Uganda – a centre for HIV education, support and livelihoods training for AIDS-orphaned youth and caregivers. CAPAIDS-Uganda and CAP/AIDS work together in developing operational capacity, in identifying local funding opportunities and in developing relevant projects and funding proposals.

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