Children at CAPAIDS-Uganda Home of Hope

Background on CAPAIDS-Uganda

Northern Uganda, where CAPAIDS-Uganda works, is still recovering from a civil war. Because of that, communities face high rates of poverty and higher rates of HIV/AIDS. Youth unemployment is also very high and youth HIV infection rates that are on the rise. CAPAIDS-Uganda works with communities to resist, survive and overcome HIV/AIDS.

CAPAIDS-Uganda runs the Home of Hope, where they support HIV outreach and provide a safe space for community groups to come together. They also work directly with women’s groups to increase capacity and implement projects in local villages. Recent upgrades to the Home of Hope have expanded the offering to offer a save shelter to vulnerable young women and children. Here they can access health care and, most importantly, develop skills for sustainable livelihoods.

Our Partnership

CAPAIDS-Uganda was formed in 2006. Since then they have worked with the CAP/AIDS Solidarity Community to implement many community led programs throughout East Africa focused on relieving poverty, preventing HIV, and expanding access to education. They have twice acted as the regional implementing partner for projects funded by the Government of Canada. They have also hosted many CAP interns over the years. CAPAIDS-Uganda and CAP/AIDS work together in strengthening operational capacity, in identifying local funding opportunities and in developing relevant projects.

Current Project

CAP/AIDS is working with CAPAIDS-Uganda to operate the Home of Hope in Boro Boro, Northern Uganda. The Home of Hope is a centre for HIV education and a safe shelter for young women. At the shelter, women receive the support and livelihoods training needed to earn a living and live independently. There are currently 12 women (and two babies) living at the Home of Hope. They are thriving due to the support and mentorship they are receiving. CAPAIDS-Uganda is also working on growing their farm. They use the farm to train women in agricultural livelihoods. Even if they chose another way to earn money, backyard farming is a great way to supplement their household income!

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