Africa PartnersOur project communities in Africa are on the front lines of responsive development. Together we are working locally to relieve poverty, reduce the spread of HIV and other diseases, increase access to health services and help ensure that children attend school. Through engagement with CAP Network, these communities can develop capacity and meet the most pressing local development needs.

The CAP Network supports people-centred solutions and sustainable development bringing Canadian Solidarity Communities together with project communities in Africa to leverage resources and knowledge. We engage local CBOs to aid us in ensuring project reflect local priorities, are implemented using the most locally appropriate approach and result in sustainable impact.

Engagement means a combination of capacity building support and resources to support project implementation.

Our aim is to implement projects that meet local needs, while also helping communities to become development actors in their own right – developing, implementing and gaining funding for projects beyond the CAP Network. In this way we contribute to lasting change as communities are empowered to advance their interests and building health and sustainable futures!

To date we have engaged more than 20 grassroots Community Based Organisations (CBOs), in Ethiopia, Kenya, Malawi, Tanzania, Uganda and Zimbabwe. While each engagement is unique, predominantly CBOs are supported in identifying their strengths and capacities. Through a ‘learning through doing’ model of capacity building CBOs are strengthened, and resources leveraged in support of local efforts to relieve poverty, increase access to health information and services and advancing opportunities for education.

Our project communities are linked in Canada with Affiliate Communities – groups of volunteer supporters who raise funds and amplify the needs and successes with Canadian audiences.

Through these long-term engagements we can build solidarity and work together to achieve common goals for addressing current development challenges and building a health and sustainable future for all.

Current Project Communities

Project Communities - Bridging Worlds Through Music
Bridging Worlds Through Music, Tanzania

Project Communities - CAPAIDS-Uganda Home of Hope
CAPAIDS-Uganda Home of Hope, Uganda

Project Communities - Kijiji Cha Upendo Children's Project
Kijiji Cha Upendo Children’s Project, Kenya

Tonj Solar Irrigation Project, South Sudan

Gua Africa Education Project, Kenya
SANI Twinning Partnerships

Past Project Communities


Anti-Malarial Association, HAPCSO, Hope Bright Vision, Mekdim, HAPCSO, Tila Association of Positive Women


Counselling and Youth Organisation


Moringe Plus Group, Nyinyiri Ya Ngama, Training Research Monitoring and Evaluation on Gender and AIDS (TRMEGA), Women in Action


Ubuntu Learning Village

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