About US
Our mission is to facilitate partnerships between Canadian and African communities to advance community development efforts. By working together we are increasing collective impact, enabling support for African community-led development efforts and building solidarity for a more equitable, healthy and sustainable future.


Our Story

The CAP Network (formerly CAP/AIDS Network) was started in 2003 by a small group of concerned people in Canada and East Africa who both recognized that, at the time, there were no national scale Canadian NGOs focused exclusively on addressing HIV/AIDS in Africa. Meanwhile, they knew first hand of many volunteer-driven efforts in African communities who were making the most of meagre resources to respond to community needs on the struggle against HIV/AIDS in their communities.

The CAP Network was established to provide a means of connecting concerned Canadians with these groups on the ground in African communities and to support our common goals through solidarity, mentorship and joint project implementation.

After twelve years of successfully engaging with our African Project Communities, we came to the conclusion that it was time to expand our Network to include organisations not solely focussed on HIV/AIDS who share our values and are working towards our common purposes.

Our Guiding Goals

  • To relieve poverty by providing basic necessities of life to families affected by HIV/AIDS and other families in need;
  • To relieve poverty by providing livelihood training and support to orphaned youth and caregivers to orphans and vulnerable children;
  • To promote health by providing communities affected by HIV/AIDS with access to counselling, information and group support programs;
  • To promote health by providing community education on HIV/AIDS, Maternal Newborn and Child Health and other health issues; and
  • To advance education by providing books, equipment, and school fees for orphans and vulnerable women.

The CAP Network has worked with more than 20 community-based organizations in eight African countries working together to respond to local needs, develop capacity and address the challenges of HIV/AIDS through our priority areas: Grassroots Empowerment, HIV Prevention, Bike Distribution and Sustainable Livelihoods.

Our efforts in Canada through Communities of Support who work to raise awareness, build connections and raise funds for our African Project Communities. These Communities of Support, including our original CAP/AIDS constituents are building a new model of partnership based on mutual understanding, capacity building and direct funding of local initiatives.

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